Guide for Non-Profits to Lobbying Under New York Law

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Each of the modules on the website offer information about a range of topics that can help you make informed decisions and that you stay in compliance with the law, particularly as it relates to requirements that certain types of lobbying activities will require you and/or your organization to report such activities to New York State authorities on a regular basis.

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List of modules

Module 1 / 4

What is Lobbying?

This module serves as a starting point to understand the general concept of lobbying and who is responsible for creating and enforcing lobbying rules in New York State.

What is Lobbying?

Module 2 / 4

Am I a Lobbyist?

This module contains a total of six videos that explain what activities constitute lobbying and when activities need to be reported. Additionally, several videos in this module focus on what type of social media activities will create a duty to report.

1-1(c)c Activities

Direct Lobbying

Direct Lobbying via Social Media

Grassroots Lobbying

Grassroots Lobbying via Social Media

Social Media Attribution Test

Module 3 / 4

Lobbying Days Information

Lobbying Days are an important tool used by many organizations to streamline their advocacy efforts and make more efficient use of their resources. This module will provide information on what exactly a lobbying day is and what information related to these events must be reported to New York State.

Lobby Days

Module 4 / 4

Restrictions on Events and Prohibitions on Gifts

As discussed throughout this resource, there are many rules and restrictions related to organizational lobbying. This module outlines two important sets of rules that not already addressed in previous modules; restrictions on events and prohibitions on gifts.

Restrictions on Events

Prohibitions on Gifts