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Guide for Non-Profits to Lobbying Under New York Law

Welcome! This tool is intended to serve as a web-based guide to lobbying for non-profit organizations in New York State. It is intended to assist you in answering some important questions you may have about lobbying and your organization’s activities as you advocate for social change. It will also allow you to create printable/downloadable reports based on your lobbying activities or lobbying expenses.

Each of the modules on the website offer information about a range of topics that can help you make informed decisions and that you stay in compliance with the law, particularly as it relates to requirements that certain types of lobbying activities will require you and/or your organization to report such activities to New York State authorities on a regular basis.

Click below for a list of the different modules that explain different aspects of the law as it relates to lobbying activities by non-profits as well as a collection of podcasts that provide additional information.

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Are you new to lobbying?

Explore our learning modules for some great tips.

Learning Modules
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Ready to start reporting?

The reporting tool makes it easy to report expenses and activities.

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Want to Learn More?

Check out the New York State Join Commission on Public Ethics website.

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